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Between 2007 and 2023 I worked with professional caretakers in The Netherlands, to help them with self-care and self-knowlegde. If you like to read a few of their personalised testimonials you can scroll down below.



Welcome to HeartPepper Harmony | Behavioural Trainer Coach for First Time Dog Owners who are triggered by their furry friend’s behaviour.

Deep Listening

HeartPepper Harmony empowers you to cultivate healthier emotional responses towards your dog’s actions. Diverging from conventional dog training, I adopt a holistic strategy to nurture the human-canine relationship. My focus isn’t on altering your dog’s conduct in these sessions; I’d like to refer to my ‘Ocean of Tips‘ sessions for that. Here, I am your soft place to fall. I’ll listen. I’ll guide you on an expedition through your own emotional terrain. My responses are consistently influenced by my personal ‘felt sense’ (focusing). When I feel that you would benefit from a particular skill, I shall offer guidance in acquiring it. Additionally, upon request, I’ll help you with exercises for practicing at home. Deep Listening enhances resilience and fosters an even more profound, authentic connection between you and your dog. Don’t give up! And don’t give up the dog!!

Testimonials (in Dutch) about my work

The number 8 (represented by a Lemniscate) signifies life to me, which is why I rate this workshop an 8*. The main theme of the day for me was about breathing and letting go. It provided a sense of stability. I found you to be very personable and warm, creating a comfortable space. The group feedback sessions were really helpful, especially since I often feel uncertain about participating or staying quiet. This brought a positive self-evaluation to my main focus. Being in a different setting from Phoenixopleidingen was a wonderful experience for me, where I embraced my own vulnerability. This made me feel both exposed and empowered. Thank you, and I deeply appreciate your guidance.

John van Rennes

Psychomotor therapist

Wouter van Broeck


We’ve brought Carolien on board to conduct this workshop internally at our care facility. We hold her in high regard for how she single-handedly guides, supports, and cares for the large groups. The day has been meticulously planned and executed. In 2023, we’re extending this to our other establishments.

Tijn Verhoeven


What I appreciated was your explanation, the music, your precision, gentleness, and humor. I’ve come to realize how trauma influences our interactions, and the need for gentleness, breathing, movement, and touch. I’d rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Maiko Teuben


I found the safety that allowed participants to contribute their own selves to be a strong aspect. And, of course, learning through experiencing. Live music and breath coaches; a great combination. I’ve gained insights into the fundamentals of traumas, and the physical, sensory, and active exercises make it memorable for me too.

Petra Tuunter


I was pleased with the lovely venue, the friendly fellow participants, and the effective workshop leadership. The structure was well-designed! Consciously acknowledging the traces of trauma from my parents is something I had never really delved into before, and it has brought me significant insights. The breath session also helped me connect with what was truly bothering me, providing valuable realizations that have brought about change in me.



I found the workshop to be relaxing; I felt welcomed. We were given a multitude of interesting exercises in a short span of time, and having professional breath coaches present was also fantastic. I am now conscious of my trauma imprints and triggers. There was a pervasive clarity in learning to approach them (through cards and tasks). I am much more aware of the support needed for trauma, such as touch, movement, and breathing. The day was filled with many exercises and a lot of information, but because Carolien blended them with activities like singing, movement, and breathing, it felt full yet not overwhelming. I consider Carolien’s guidance to be open, honest, and authentically herself. This brought a sense of ease to what could have been a potentially heavy day. It was truly effective! I had a pleasant and very educational day.

Excellent guidance, impeccably organized, a true professional! Additionally, delightful live music, a professional breath session, and a splendid venue. Comprehensive!

I participated in this workshop because it offers a practical translation of an important and substantial book I read years ago, containing vital information for the complex issues I work with. I appreciated the diverse range of content, the blend of theory and practice, and most importantly, the focus on experiential learning. Reconnecting with and deeply sensing your trauma imprints through breath coaching was a valuable addition for me. The workshop is well-designed and coherent. It feels liberating and authentic; your professionalism truly shines – you are a true expert in your field.

Gertrud van Beekveld


“I wanted to learn more about treating trauma. Carolien’s guidance was excellent and very natural. I found the ambiance with music, the venue, lunch, and breath session to be very enjoyable. The clear framework and exercises provided me with significant insights. I now have a clearer understanding of how to recognize trauma and give people the space to process it.”

Barbara Steeman

Fear of Failure Trainer/Coach

“Experiencing firsthand the concepts from the Trauma Traces book using my own ‘material’ was my motivation for participating. The balance between theory, practice, music, and movement, the atmosphere that embraced everything and allowed you to be fully present in your own way, the pleasant venue, and delightful lunch – all of it contributed to my desire to join. What I appreciate about your style is your skillful guidance. It’s a wonderful blend of seriousness, attentiveness, and a touch of lightness and humor.”

Margot Weel


About me: Senior Behavourial Trainer/Coach

Working in the field of behavioural training 2007, Carolien has trained and educated over 1400 individuals nationally and internationally. She's a seasoned human behaviorist helping dog owners bond with their dog while winning mentally themselves on that path too. Because, let’s reveal the hidden reality – canine companionship isn’t all bright days. Carolien's coaching style embraces Tough Love and intelligence, saving months of circumlocution seen in others. Her methodology has been shaped over 15 years of working with individuals with compassionate hearts and intricate minds.

“What a beautifully comprehensive workshop day this was, blending both playfulness and lightness with depth and vulnerability. The three standout aspects of the day for me were its personal nature, immersive quality, and profound exploration. Through unexpected methods like breathing, touch, and movement, we were allowed to experience in surprising ways. It was truly gratifying to discover these elements within such a diverse and secure group setting! Carolien’s guidance felt open and individual, making me feel supported by both the team and the day itself. A wide variety of exercises and experiences were offered. I highly recommend this day if you seek to connect, experience, and discover.”

Mara van Aartijk

Holistic masseuses

“What an extraordinary day this was! I sang, danced, cried, laughed, and healed, all within a wonderful connection. The setting was secure, everyone was seen, and there were helpful guidelines. It was an entirely new experience for me, and it arrived at just the right time. Finding common ground with fellow participants provided me with a tangible realization that I don’t need to diminish myself in comparison to others. Thank you for providing me and the entire group with a safe and connected foundation on this day.”

Judith Fonteijn

Trauma & NLP coach (i.o.)

“The summary that Carolien provided of The Body Keeps the Score was immensely valuable, both in general and particularly for preparing for the fantastic, highly recommended workshop. Carolien, you embody your work. You’ve orchestrated excellent co-facilitators, and you excel at guiding a group through challenging topics like trauma. My interaction with you will continue, which brings me great joy. I’m truly impressed by the workshop and your group facilitation skills. I highly appreciate your generosity in sharing knowledge and materials.”

Geesje Bluijssen


“The preparation (video, WhatsApp group – in short, knowing what to expect and what is expected), these three aspects stood out as particularly strong. Your expertise, strong presence, clarity, and structure: a secure foundation to surrender to. The music – what a delight! A day of true embodiment that has supported me in my work and self-care. I would rate the workshop a 9 out of 10.”

Karin Bosveld

Mentor for professional therapists

“The support you provide, the comprehensive preparation through the detailed PDF with context and all exercises – these are the three most impactful aspects of the day for me. The most tangible takeaways include: listening to my body and genuinely heeding its call to ‘slow down’. The exercise about ‘not needing to feel’ and then realizing, “Oh yes, that’s how I do it!” The exercise on attunement, stemming from the Wheel of Consent, was particularly valuable: understanding how closely receiving and allowing are connected, and how subtly I can cross my own boundaries. This day, in my view, deserves a perfect 10.”

Niño Jacobs

Leadership travels, trainer/coach

“Carolien was present like a primal mother figure. There was a secure atmosphere that encouraged sharing. The structure (theory, experience, sharing) is very effective. The music, exercises, breath session, participants, and venue were all very pleasant. The exercise where I acted as a representative for myself, with the entire group witnessing the feelings I experienced as a young adolescent in a challenging situation, was profoundly impactful. The breath session guided by the three guest trainers was genuinely impressive.”

Ellen Omvlee

Woodworker, writer, masseuse

“Suppressed emotions and traumas can make your body unwell. Your description struck a chord with me. The invitation to truly be yourself, the openness and depth among all participants, your kind, honest, and open approach to guiding, I found very comforting. The breathing; so much was released, and I felt liberated afterward. I became aware of how much was pent up, and I had never found anything before that helped me progress. Then, the constellations where I was invited to take a seat in the center. It was very effective and healing. Lastly, the free dancing, touching, and moving. Incredibly enriching.”

Nienke Griffioen

“The setup began even before the workshop, which is crucial. There was abundant and excellent guidance. Carolien is open and vulnerable, yet maintains control. Very reassuring. I joined the workshop because there was a good blend of theory and somatic work. I haven’t specialized in trauma for nothing, and it was time for a deeper layer of my own healing. It felt safe, Carolien handles people with care, and there’s a strong emphasis on proper guidance. I’ve shattered my ‘do everything alone’ mindset. I’ve received and given a lot of help. Top-notch!”

Mirjam van der Zee

Practical Moon Lady

“The subject matter intrigued me, coming from Systemic Work. That’s why I was keen on participating in the workshop. The connected breath session also provided ample physical space. The manner in which the training was conducted was also inspiring. I appreciate the blend of pragmatism and gentleness, going with the flow yet maintaining a steady pace. Occasionally, I found the exercises a bit too short. In the systemic exercises, the representatives and those arranged in the constellation experience various things based on their own ‘hooks’, which get ‘triggered’. I found the concise and effective workshop facilitation style pleasant; there were great exercises, and the musical accompaniment adds a lot.”

Evelyn H.

E-learning specialist, trainer/coach

“The subject of trauma imprints has captured my interest. The enjoyable, practical, and connecting exercises, the variety in the exercises themselves combined with the theory, the breathwork, and the space – these were the highlights of the day for me. Drawing, visually depicting my trauma, brought clarity. The live music during the day was also such a wonderful addition, truly beautiful. Thank you!”



“I wanted to gain insight into my own process. What I appreciated was the connection with my own body, the breath session, and the trust within the group. The combination of theory and the breath session (feeling) is very powerful, and that’s where I benefited the most. We delved into depth, which took some getting used to as I usually take things slowly. The progression felt coherent, and Carolien’s guidance is genuinely clear. Sharing experiences after an exercise, discussing what you went through, sharing trauma stories in groups of three, and integrating the experiences – all of these aspects were valuable. It was a meaningful day.”

Chris Wierikx

Praktijkinstructeur IPO
Haagse Hogeschool

“The topic – based on a highly esteemed book -, Carolien’s personality, and the Phoenix background (and thus the expected approach) were the reasons I joined this workshop. There was diversity in the program, a balance between intellect, emotion, and body. The safe, warm environment, the guidance, and your intuition to adapt to the group’s needs were greatly appreciated. The breath session and live music were valuable additions, aiding in grounding and deeper exploration. What benefited me the most was the theory combined with group work and exercises, providing more insight into my own trauma imprints. The breath session, touch, and healing related to personal trauma were also impactful. The structure was very pleasing! You create a welcoming atmosphere, are authentic, open, lead with vulnerability, sense when to slow down, provide framing when necessary, and know how to infuse lightness when things feel heavy. Thank you!”



“The excellent guidance from Carolien and her colleagues, the pleasant group, and the calm, safe atmosphere – these are three aspects I’d like to highlight that I found comforting. I gained insights into my parents’ traumas through images I intuitively selected. There was a lot of tranquility and a well-structured approach. I found it intriguing that I felt so cold during the breath session, which I could then attribute to a trauma imprint of mine. I was unusually tired that evening, which isn’t typical for me. It was the result of a healing process related to a trauma imprint. Thank you very much!”

Gonnie Jansen


“I would definitely rate the workshop a perfect 10. What I particularly appreciated was the openness, the sense of safety, and the hands-on approach. I’ve reconnected with my body and gained several concrete tools to apply in my own practice.”

Evelien Quelle


“The invitation to delve deeper into passages from Bessel van der Kolk’s book has prompted me to discuss this with colleagues in the field. The careful arrangement of the space, the music, and the relaxed atmosphere were very pleasant, making me feel welcomed. The breath session, combined with the topics, was valuable for me to address old sources of pain and to embrace new intentions. Carolien’s style is relaxed, playful, and allows for interaction and individual aspects. There’s no overly rigid schedule. Carolien engages as a facilitator, which I found quite pleasing. I truly felt seen, not ‘directed’.”


Massagetherapist/coach i.o.

“The Trauma Imprints workshop developed by Carolien is a direct recommendation for every coach, therapist, and facilitator. It’s a day where calmness, a variety of methods, and overall gentleness stand out. Completely in line with what’s needed for such a delicate theme like trauma. Carolien consistently relates the exercises to how you can work with clients one-on-one. Very practical, which I appreciate. For me, it was a day filled with love and light that also brought personal insights. I’d rate the day a solid 9 out of 10! Because there’s always room for improvement. Oh, and I mustn’t forget to mention that the musical contribution is truly top-notch.”

Ester Wijnen

Leiderschapscoach, spreker en inspirator. Auteur ‘Jij bent het probleem!’

“The title of the workshop intrigued me. The pragmatic approach, highly knowledgeable and engaged guidance, along with a well-structured day, made it an excellent experience. Carolien’s style is very professional, authentic, and inspiring. The exercises were exceptionally well-designed and provided me with significant insights, also due to their harmonious coordination.”



“I wanted to take the workshop to learn to recognize the trauma imprints within myself and become more aware of how I react from those traumas. What I appreciated about this workshop: the safe environment, clear guidance, and the space for ‘not knowing’. The part that resonated with me the most was the constellation of my trauma – it provided me with a mental insight into my trauma, and then the subsequent breath session allowed me the space to feel and express my sadness. I was allowed to cry. I found the structure well-organized, the guidance skilled and secure. Carolien’s style is distinct, with clear boundaries and a good sense of what’s needed. I found her words and what she says to be quite powerful.”



“The blend of theory from the book and hands-on exercises, coupled with Carolien’s presence as the trainer, made me eager to be there. The friendly and open atmosphere Carolien fosters, exercises that bring the theme intimately close, and the breath coaching – these are wonderful ingredients. I attended as an assistant facilitator, so I didn’t personally participate in most exercises. What parts were most beneficial to me? For myself, I’d say being there for Carolien and the participants – something I found very rewarding – and also the breath coaching (which I did take part in). The breath coaching, in formulating my intention, brought me back to my core feelings, an area I’ve worked on quite a bit, but the exercise allowed me to explore deeper layers. The structure? In one word: excellent – personal, engaged, warm, from the heart. The arrangement was consistent, well-crafted, and your guidance was also very pleasant. To complete my review, I’d like to note that this is an incredibly valuable workshop for coaches, therapists, etc., where you can gain a lot both for yourself and your clients. And your care for the participants, Carolien, the program, and the setup – truly meticulous! You’ve done an excellent job; I was delighted to have been present.”

Gerphil Kerkhof

ADHD coach

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