About you

and your doggy…

Frustrated? Stressed? Triggered?

Is your relationship with your furry friend feeling more like a constant battle than a joyful companionship? Do you find yourself frustrated, stressed and triggered by your dog’s behavior, unsure of how to bring about positive change? I understand the challenges that arise when the bond between you and your dog becomes strained.

Do you have these questions too?

  1. How do I train my disobedient dog?
  2. What to do with separation anxiety in my dog?
  3. How can we manage aggressive behavior in my dog?
  4. I don’t understanding canine body language and communication!
  5. How can I help my dog overcome fear or phobias?

Dog trainer and human behaviorist expert rolled into one

I’m not just your average dog trainer; I’m your personal canine confidant and human emotion expert rolled into one. I am a seasoned coach with a deep understanding of canine behavior and human psychology.

Five minutes per day, learning from the comfort of your own home

All I am asking is your 5 minutes per day. If your agenda is overcrowded and you cannot free up 5 x 60 seconds every day, because that’s all it takes, you should honestly reconsider having a dog in the first place. And remember: all my training is about you winning on your personal development too. You see, I am all about love (but it’s tough love and radical honesty).

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