About you

and your doggy…

Frustrated? Stressed? Triggered?

Is your relationship with your furry friend feeling more like a constant battle than a joyful companionship? Do you find yourself frustrated, stressed and triggered by your dog’s behavior, unsure of how to bring about positive change? I understand the challenges that arise when the bond between you and your dog becomes strained.

Dog trainer and human behaviorist expert rolled into one

I’m not just your average dog trainer; I’m your personal canine confidant and human emotion expert rolled into one. My approach is rooted in the belief that a harmonious relationship with your dog begins with managing your own emotions and then start training your dog next to this. I am a seasoned coach with a deep understanding of canine behavior and human psychology. My coaching sessions provide a safe and supportive space for you to explore the underlying triggers that contribute to your dog-related struggles.

Five minutes per day, learning from the comfort of your own home

All I am asking is 5 minutes per day. If your agenda is overcrowded and you cannot free up 5 x 60 seconds every day, because that’s all it takes, you should reconsider having a dog in the first place. Really. And remember: all my training is about you winning on your personal development too. You see, I am all about love (but it’s tough love and radical honesty).

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