You thought: I’ll get a dog!

But no.
You needed to become a humble student.

Seasoned Human Behaviorist + First time dog owner with sweet & nervous, emotionally intelligent Doodle. I am learning and teaching Force-Free Behavior Adjustment Training so I’ll help her become a dog whose needs are met while feeling comfortable in all new situations. Book a session and/or follow along on Instagram.

All I need is love for her and 5 minutes per day

Let’s reveal the hidden reality – canine companionship isn’t all bright days. Shame and despair may accompany us. Torn shoes, pulled leashes and barking dogs in front of the windom turn into symbols of perceived inadequacy. If you’ve felt helpless, know this – HeartPepper Harmony supports you. Should our human frustration be a part of the training process? No, of course not. So when we throw in a challenge that’s also a victory on our side, suddenly it’s a game-changer. All we need is 5 minutes per day.  

Positive reinforcement training + errorless learning

I am a seasoned Human Behaviorist + First time dog owner with profoundly sweet and emotionally intelligent Labradoodle. But she’s also a nervous dog who turned me into a humble student of canine behavior. I am a life long learner and a behavioral teacher in one. I am a firm believer in force-Free Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) so I’m helping her become a dog whose needs are met while feeling comfortable in all new situations. I am also a dog/human consultant helping emotionally intelligent dog owners in mindful handling their furry friends, with using all the techniques from positive reinforcement leading to cooperative care

Behavorial Canine / Human Trainer

If you’re searching for a ‘balanced trainer’ (which in reality means; using power, intimidation and dominance, a.k.a. ‘aversive techniques’) you can leave this website now. Because cutting edge research in the industry has proven time and again that the most reliable way to get positive results with long term effect in dogs (also when you’re not around) is with Positive Reinforcement Training (R+). R+ training focuses on strengthening the human-animal bond using evidence-based animal learning theory. With these methods I choose to work with the natural instincts of your dog. Instead of focusing on stopping unwanted behavior by scaring your sweetheart, HeartPepper Harmony focusses on teaching your furry friend what you want them to do instead. Reward-based training does not mean the dog never experiences consequences for unwanted behavior, because they do. However, the primary focus of our training is on setting the dog up for success by teaching them what we want them to do before mistakes are made. Errorless learning. 

Humble student, humble teacher

I don’t want to overplay my hand so when I say I can help you and your dog, I am convinced I can. May be because the problem you’re facing is small or may be because I’ve searched for months for answers myself, save you time and effort and help you un-stress in one (online) session. As a dog owner I am also done with all the aversive and unprofessional advice on ‘the internetz’ so I am not adding up to that pile of rubbish. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I will simply tell you that and hand you over to lots of wonderful colleagues who know what to do.

‘Carolien is a dedicated professional, takes care of humans and animals alike.

Twenty five years of experience as a Behavioral Trainer pays off!’

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